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Letters Morrissey Wrote

MORRISSEY'S LETTERS Letters Morrissey wrote to music magazines

Sparkplugs To the NME, June 15, 1974 Today I bought the album of the year. I feel I can say this without expecting several letters saying I'm talking rubbish. The album is "Kimono My House" by Sparks. I bought it on the strength of the single. Every track is brilliant - although I must name "Equator", "Complaints", "Amateur Hour" and "Here In Heaven" as the best tracks, and in that order. Steve Morrissey, 384 Kings Road, Stretford, Manchester Migawd. Conviction oozes from every sentence like the ichor of life itself from the metal life-support systems of the Bronze Giant of Fangorak. The eyes of Mr. Morrisey [sic] gleam with a missionary zeal that shames into submission the cringing doubts of those yet unconvinced. Me ? I dunno. I ain't 'heard the thing yet. S'pose it's alright, though -C.S.M. Aero-vision To Melody Maker, September 6, 1975 Aerosmith are one of those American dance-a-rama scenic bands with enough punch to see the Stones on pensions and enough make-up to last them through the winter. Their music is that of a confused struggle, with vocalist Steven Tyler sounding as though he is using the microphone to brush his teeth. They are as original as a bar of soap and have as much to offer Seventies rock as Ena Sharples. Aerosmith are just another street-corner rock 'n' roll band, using notorious Zeppelin riffs in an effort to steal our love and devotion. But when one ruminates over the fact that "Toys In The Attic" is the band's THIRD album ! Thanks, but no thanks, Aerosmith. I'll stick with the New York Dolls for my rock 'n' thrills. Steve Morrissey, Kings Road, Stretford, Manchester.

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