Sonic Salamander's Fantastic Fact File

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Star Hits, 1985/86


Modern Romance: Move On "There are indeed worse groups than Modern Romance. But can anybody seriously think of one?" Bucks Fizz: Golden Days "One would hear more vocal passion from an ape under anaesthetic. Inexcusably dim." David Sylvian: Pulling Punches "Not, as yet, being dead I find David's foggy moans to be of no great comfort. Perhaps if we dropped red hot coals on his head he might feel something? I somehow doubt it. He sounds like he's about to spend his third year in bed." Level 42: The Chant Has Just Begun "Having never been sufficiently drunk to enjoy a Level 42 record, I prescribe the Burmese neck ring to these chumps for being so icy." Alphaville: Forever Young "Alphaville embody the frustrated egos of the massively untalented. Should have been drowned at birth."

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