Sonic Salamander's Fact File

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Derren Brown was born 27th February 1971 in South London. He later moved to Bristol to study Law and German and the University of Bristol. This is where he developed his interest of hypnosis and magic. 

He made his living as a Close Up Magician, until 1996 where he turned Stage Hypnotist and performed on stage at Bristol University.

He later shot to fame with his Specials "Mind Control", though perhaps is best known for his show "Russian Roulette" where he risked his life by playing Russian Roulette live on Channel 4.

A number of Specials followed, including The Seance, which gained 700 complaints. Odd that no one seemed to mind that he might blow his brains out on live TV the year before.

His other Specials are; Messiah, The Gathering, The Heist and The System, as well as the series Mind Control, Tricks of the Mind, and Trick or Treat.

Derren also likes to perform live, and won the  Laurence Olivier Award for Best Entertainment Show 2006 for his Live Tour, Something Wicked This Way Comes. He also has a new tour Mind Reader, An Evening of Wonders which concludes June 2008.